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Quantum Mechanics Racing Services has been in business since 1977 as a high level racecar prep shop, specializing in F2000, Formula F, Pro Mazda, SCCA, prototype, track day, USAC Pavement Midget, and Vintage events. Quantum has developed a reputation for quality engineering, preparation, powertrain, fabrication and design, all elements of being a complete race team.
Our High Tech racing transporter is laid out to haul three cars and provides extensive at-track hospitality. We also have single vehicle transporters, giving us the flexibility to compete in multiple series. We have had front-running cars in both oval and road racing. We strive to operate efficiently and effectively in doing everything we can to help you succeed.
Our dedication to and understanding of physics and vehicle dynamics are major factors contributing to our past success. We strip our cars down to the frame or tub, replace worn parts, and make improvements on the stock features, something at which we excel. We are constantly working to continue to make our cars faster. Our cars are balanced, lightweight, and sound. Mechanical failure is a rare event because of the attention to details. The lead engineer for our team has engineered at the Indy 500. Our setups are adjusted to each track, have been extensively tested, and are modified to suit the driver so that we can provide a car that is ready to win.
One of the valuable things we do is teach the driving style and techniques that are the fastest for each car and track. We can help you improve the many skills needed to become a complete racecar driver. Focusing on individuals has helped establish us as one of the best driver development teams. We also can give advice and provide connections for racing careers. Come in and test at our local test track, and we’re sure you will be impressed with the performance. Then join our team and maximize your learning curve, to get the most out of your driving experience.

2016 2nd and 3rd place in FC at SCCA National Championship Runoffs

2016 2nd place in FF at SCCA National Championship Runoffs

2015 3rd place in FC at SCCA National Championship Runoffs

2014 P2 Mid-States Champion

2013 1 pole in F1600 Championship Series

2012 2nd place in F2000 Championship Series points

         2 wins, 5 seconds, 3 thirds, and 2 poles in F2000 Championship Series

2011 4 wins and 3 poles (in 4 attempts) in F1600 Championship Series

2010 2 wins, 3 seconds, and 3 poles (in 6 attempts) in F2000 Championship Series

         3rd place in F2000 Championship Series points

2009 3rd place in GT-2 at June Sprints

2008 USAC National Pavement Midget Tour

2007 1 win, 1 second, and 1 pole at Cleveland in F2000 Championship Series  

         4th in USAC Regional Pavement Midget points

2006 2nd place finish and 6th in points in Cooper Tires FF2000 (USF2000)

2004 Team USA Scholarship Winner

2001 Engineered Indycar at Indy 500

         GT-2 Runoffs podium

2000 GT-2 Runoffs podium

1999 GT-2 Runoffs podium

1997 GT-2 Runoffs podium

1996 Club Ford National Champion

1995 GT-2 Runoffs podium

1991-94 Numerous SCCA Divisional Championships

1984-90 Pro Sports 2000

1979-83 Numerous Formula Ford wins

Lake Afton and Ponca City track records

1974 DSR National Champion

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