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The Formula F class is an affordable option for young, career minded karters transitioning to cars.


Many young racers are surprised to learn that, instead of remaining in karts, they can move into a full-on formula car for less money than a season of high level karting. A young driver seeking to make a career in racing can make the jump early, as young as age 15, and start learning correct driving techniques, proper chassis setups, as well as what different suspension changes feel like without the “masking” effects often provided by aerodynamic wings and ground effects.


The Quantum FF program will get you into a modern racecar with increased safety (spaceframe construction, full roll hoop, etc.) and similar driving characteristics found in every single-seat racing category up through IndyCars. Our Honda powered Van Diemens are perfect for teaching drivers how to maintain momentum and take full advantage of the mechanical grip provided by the chassis and tires. This same Van Diemen chassis is also used in the pro F2000 series, easing the young driver’s next move up the racing ladder.


Formula F cars are much more sophisticated than alternatives, such as driving school based series. They produce quicker lap times and better training for the next level. One of our schedule options is designed around SCCA Majors, including the famed June Sprints and National Championship Runoffs. The other is the F1600 Formula F Championship Series, which runs pro events alongside the F2000 Championship Series.


Racing against the best Formula F drivers in the country will help develop your skills and race craft. After the completion of a season with us, you will be well prepared for the next step in your career. We are prepared to mentor you and give you the proper foundation for future racing success. The F1600 series champion will be awarded an “entry ticket” to the Mazda Road to Indy USF2000 $200K Scholarship Shootout. The winner will be awarded a $200K scholarship from Mazda to enter USF2000 in 2017.



The F2000 Championship Series is the more affordable Pro F2000 series, and a valuable step on the motorsports ladder. It has large fields and is a great training ground to perfect your skills and to gain recognition for yourself in road racing. There are some very high profile events, and all of the races are held at professional racetracks. Our cars are current Van Diemen chassis that weigh 1220 pounds, with driver, and produce around 160 horsepower. Our team’s years of race winning experience with these cars have led to highly developed setups. Annually, our cars are completely rebuilt as new, with all the tricks, and get brand new motors. We have data from a variety of racetracks and can offer specific information that will lead to improved lap times. The F2000 series champion will be awarded an “entry ticket” to the Mazda Road to Indy USF2000 $200K Scholarship Shootout. The winner will be awarded a $200K scholarship from Mazda to enter USF2000 in 2017.


Alternatively, the U.S. F2000 National Championship is part of the Road to Indy development ladder system. Our winning F2000 Zetec is eligible to compete in the B class of USF2000 for 2016. The cars are spec Van Diemens competing at a variety of venues, including road courses, ovals, and street circuits. The oval tracks help drivers develop high speed oval racing skills and prepare for the next level of racing. This series has a number of high profile events at major racetracks. Mazda will award the U.S. F2000 champion a scholarship package, for the next step on the ladder system, the Pro Mazda Championship Presented by Cooper Tires.

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