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Arrive and Drive: full preparation, transport, and coaching (your car or ours)

     with data, video, and hospitality

Racecar Preparation and Maintenance

Testing Programs

Gearbox Rebuilding and Ring & Pinion Setup: Hewland, Winters, GM, Ford, etc.

Set-Ups and Alignments: full chassis alignments with well-developed set-ups,

     suspension system analysis, and aerodynamic settings

Component Rebuilding: repairing, blue-printing and upgrading

Custom Design, Fabrications, and Machining

Full Restoration

Driver Coaching

Custom seats

REM: isotropic finishing provides diminished power loss and longer life for high            friction parts: gears, ring & pinions, wheel bearings, axles, cv’s, drive shafts, etc.      highest quality and quick turnaround)

Axles: gun-drilled replacements, snubbers, tripods and cv lightening, rebuilding and      packing, custom stub axles

Uprights: replace/ grease wheel-bearings, welding, machining, and replacing studs,      bushings, hardware

Hydraulics: rebuild master and slave cyl. seals, caliper seals

Frame repair: from welding minor cracks to full blue-printing on our frame jig

Belly Pan Replacement

Data Analysis or System Installation

Shocks: valving and settings

Flow Bench and Engine Dyno work

Plumbing: oil lines, brk lines, water hoses, water tubing

Electrical system replacement




Gearbox and Drive-train: replacement parts and gears (Hewland)

Custom Fabrication Projects

Racing Tire Dealer

Brake Rotors, Pads, Fluid, and Calipers

Van Diemen Parts


Gear Oil

Gibbs Engine Oil

Clutch: discs, pressure plates, slave seals






Lola 590 through 86/90 nose-box

Tri-pods, CV’s and Axles

Seat belts


Data Systems: AIM, PI, etc.




Quantum rebuilds gearboxes and diff’s only to the highest possible standard. We don’t just build them “by the numbers.” We fit the pattern on each individual gearbox. Send us your unit, and we can have your job turned around very quickly. Many improvements are available such as ring gear lightening and full REM treatment. We are also a dealer on replacement parts and gears.

Bell housings: seals, attachment points, welding




Quantum builds a wide variety of racing engines including Ford 1.6 and 2.0L, air-cooled Porsche, push-rod, overhead cam, 4 cyl, and V-8’s. Our understanding of engines and current engine technology allows us to build them to the highest specification, that the rules allow. We know what improvements to make for maximum power, while still maintaining reliability. Our Porsche motors are thought to be the absolute best, per cc, in the country. We have decades of experience with our Stuska engine dyno and Superflow flow bench. We work with a number of suppliers including J&E, CP, Elgin, Isky, Crane, Carillo, Xceldyne, Crower and CV to provide you with the most hp.

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