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The Sports Car Club of America is the largest racing organization in the U.S., and it has a class for everyone. We have race winning experience in Formula F, Formula Continental, Formula Atlantic, Formula Mazda, P1, P2, GT2, GT3, FB, and FE. There are regional races in your part of the country or more competitive Majors. The end-of-the-year Runoffs are a huge, winner-take-all national championship race to crown the national champion.


Quantum has a wide variety of services available. These range from component rebuilding and pre-race prep, to testing and set-up help. “Arrive and drive” in our car or yours is typical, where you show up ready to go at the track. Rentals are available in a variety of cars such as FF and FC. We are located in Oklahoma City but have a transporter going to major events all over the country. Our professional background makes us one of the premier teams in amateur road racing. With our years of expertise, we can give you a faster car and help coach you to achieve improved lap times.

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